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11 months ago

  • As a TEAM we create Change. Karen Khadijah Davis-Foulks, Dr. K is the founder of Emancipate Yourself from Medical Mental Slavery Day (EYFMMSD)April 30, 2011, we cellabrate individuals that have consciously moved from disease care to conscious self-healthcare, and Karen established April as Conscious Self-Healthcare and Lymphatic Cellular Wellness Month. Humam AbdulMalik wrote the poem “The Unseen Barrier” for Hordari Abdul-Ali a request from Karen, however, this poem is for all individuals that find themselves in a medical choice state of uncertainty FEAR! Humam is a prolific poet, author, speaker and founder of Blackenized Inc. and co-founder of Conscious Chess MOVES. Without the collective support of so many people, Dr. K would not have been able to make this day of Self-Care, Self-Love possible. Not featured in this video is Rev. Dr. Ivy Hilton who made the first cellabration April 30, 2011, a blessed day and this is the day that Bro. Hodari Abdul-Ali made his transition. On the cover of Karen Khadijah Davis-Foulks self-published book Step Up Out of the Dark Ages of Health Care: Vibrant Living through Living Consciously, Hodari would write "Dr. Khadijah AbdulMalik has already inspired me to "go green" and eat raw foods and drink fresh juices. I believe she is on the cutting edge of a new health revolution that even health "veterans" can benefit from." Yes, the community of humans if we are to get well, stay well. To Live in Wellness, each individual must raise the consciousness above the "man-made mindset of human consciousness" around health care as it is today. “Let’s HELP One Another”, recorded by Dave Shirley. Heart2Heart Healthy Living Go Within: THE THINKER is GREATER than the thought. Conscious Self-Healthcare MOVES (Mental Observation View is Essential for your Success) Wanda Whitaker, artist honored EYFMMSD and Dr. K with the art print Emancipate Yourself from Medical Mental Slavery (Accessing the subconscious with symbolism through creative art expression ) you can support the conscious self-healthcare movement and Dr. K by becoming a partner. Visit

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