Venezuelan candidate backs another opposition candidate


3 months ago

  • (8 May 2018) Venezuelan businessman and presidential candidate, Luis Alejandro Ratti, withdrew from the electoral election Tuesday, announcing his support for the independent opposition candidate, Henri Falcon.
    Falcon has been building himself into the most serious opponent to President Nicolas Maduro, who is seeking re-election in the presidential elections on May 20.
    At a meeting in Caracas, Ratti said that he and Falcon came to the conclusion that given the political and economic debacle of the country, now is not the time to allow for personal or partisan petty interests to overshadow their main objective: defeating Maduro at the ballot box.
    Maduro is a favourite to winning re-election despite polls that suggest that Venezuelans hold him mainly responsible for the ongoing economic crisis marked by galloping inflation and the shortage of basic products such as food and medicine.
    Ratti was one of four candidates who, backed by minority parties, were candidates alongside Maduro for the May election.
    The evangelical pastor Javier Bertucci and engineer Reinaldo Quijada remain candidates.
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