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10 Amazing Cultural Celebrations Around The World


10 months ago

  • Top 10 most amazing and beautiful celebrations from around the world like the Chinese New Year filled with crazy fireworks & more!
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    White Nights Festival, Russia
    5. The White Nights Festival is a huge event that takes place every year in St. Petersburg, Russia. It is organized by the city’s administration and goes on for a period that is nearly two months long. This event starts with many great shows that represent the event such as operas, ballets, and concerts. These various events lead into the Scarlet Sails celebration which takes place out on the water. Here, large classical ships sail with red flowing sails and fantastic lights. During this, fireworks are shot into the air in droves and the night is set alight by the lights that stem from the water and the blaze of the fireworks in the sky. Next, the carnival occurs, and this is a huge party in which the people of St. Petersburg can let loose for a night and party and celebrates to their heart's content. The whole month and a half of festivities are capped off with a performance by one or more stars such as The Beatles, The Scorpions, and The Rolling Stones.
    Holi, India
    4. Holi is the Hindu festival of spring. It is also known as the festival of colors, and it is centered around the expression of love for your fellow man. It usually occurs in February, and it is not only observed in India. It is also observed in Nepal along with multiple other nations with relatively high populations of Hindu people. However, despite it being a Hindu festival, it has become very popular among non-Hindu people and everyone is welcome to come and celebrate it. The celebration starts the night before the day of the event where there is a huge bonfire gathering for the people who celebrate it. The next morning is the real event where attendees chase and splash each other with colored water and colored powder of all different colors. It is truly a sight to behold, seeing all of these people soak each other with water guns and water balloons full of colors and laugh and play. It is a real festival of fun that embodies the spirit of spring in that it represents innocence and beauty to its fullest.
    The Mayana Soora Thiruvizha, India
    3. This is a smaller event than some of the others on this list, but that does not diminish the beauty and culture seen in this little celebration that occurs in the village of Kaveripattinam.This event takes place after a day of worship called Mahashivarathiri which is centered around the worship of the Indian goddess Shiva. The festival that follows on the next day is one of great tradition and color. In the image you see a young girl receiving the “divine makeover” with which she and other girls like her will become a large part of the festivities by representing their culture and their gods with a form of makeup that wholly represents those ideals.
    Ye Peng Lantern Festival, Thailand
    2. This festival is a prominent one that is celebrated in many countries such as Thailand and others that share culture with Thailand such as Laos and Shan. This event is based on the Thai lunar calendar and generally occurs in the month of November. This is a huge celebration that is celebrated on the twelfth full moon of the Thai calendar. The event is constituted by the light of little lanterns that float up into the sky and set the sky ablaze with twinkling and floating lights. In addition to this, these little lamps are set to float down a river to creating a stream of flowing light which is observed with awe by all of the attendees of this great celebration.
    Chinese New Year, China
    1. The people of China do not celebrate the same New Year as most of the rest of the world does. The reasoning for this is because they exist on a different calendar than we do that is known as the lunisolar calendar. Due to this, they have a different day on which they celebrate the new year and their New Year’s celebration is one of the biggest worldwide events in our world today. The first day of Chinese New Year is on our January 28th, and it is meant to celebrate the coming of good fortune and happiness in the new year to come. The most prominent parts of this celebration are the variety of parades and the sheer volume of fireworks. There are literally millions of fireworks that are shot off all over the country of China to herald in the new year with a bang. This festival, like all the others, on this list, is an important cultural icon to the nations to which they are respective.

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