Epic Adventure and Photography in Patagonia with Thomas Heaton

  • It was supposed to be tame. But the first day in Patagonia with Thomas Heaton turned into an epic adventure.
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    Thomas Heaton and I have made it to Patagonia. And, we didn't wait long to have a bit of an adventure. Our photography workshop wasn't supposed to start until tomorrow, but because of flight delays and the LATAM strike, we decided to go out and do some exploring and shooting with those of us who are here (the rest arrive in Punta Arenas tomorrow).
    Looking at Google Maps of the Patagonia area, we saw that there's a road that basically goes south and just ends. I think it's the last of the road in Chile. So, we headed that direction. Of course, we were met by some wild Patagonian weather. What we didn't expect, however, was to almost drive into the sea in Patagonia.
    Eventually, we made it to a photography location and got some shots.
    It seemed that Thomas Heaton enjoyed the adventure too. We've got plenty more in store over the next week plus down here in Patagonia.

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