Vines that are almost forgotten

  • I wish it never died, but the dead should stay dead
    All credit to original uploader and creators
    Don't milk a dead cow – or something like that
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    Vine descriptions:
    "I don't sing in the shower I perform" guy performing in shower to Fergalicious
    "It's an avocado thanks"
    zoom stick lots of zoom stick
    fourth of july roller skater american streets roller blades dancing
    Darth vader playing A Thousand Miles I need you I miss you keyboard
    I like to do it do it Madagascar shia labeouf
    guy jumping into ball cage in store
    WAKE UP SLEEPY HEAD waking up guy and secret boyfriend
    air noodles saving each other
    haikyuu oikawa crane game head
    Neon Genesis Evangelion piano "Very good" "I know"
    duck army vs. snowman army
    One direction he took a chonce WHAT THE FUCK IN A CHONCE
    sticky hand steels paper
    dog in sweater walking to "bring sexy back"
    CD glasses guy "its a hard knock life"
    I dont speak americano big blow up suits dance
    guy playing recorder to music in car iconic
    can you guys say colorado IM A GIRAFFE iconic
    sail on keyboard fail
    John Cena not cursing "bologna fudging mustard"John cenas life is being ruined by the internet
    staying alive grimm reaper on a bumper car
    kitten moving its paws and being cute
    spaghetti kiss vine
    kid falls on bed to rock music
    beautiful dog in leaves
    guys in blankets dancing to "he comes around the world"
    duck army remix
    tubs running to anime cat running to anime
    no homo cuddles
    dance girls dancing to shrek
    perfect and pure omelette flip
    all about that base no treble irl
    Beyonce dancing to spooky scary skeletons
    guy mocks chickens chickens mock guy
    cat says hi to everybody in the cutest way possible
    guy being chased by kittens
    its a kitten in a box
    owl being petted and making cute noises
    cat doesn't want to go on a walk
    bird stuck in cardboard cone and runs into things
    fat cat rolls
    cat scared by car horn
    sleepy pug
    baby with baby pug
    this is my kitty cat this is his kitty fat it goes pat pat pat
    mop around the kitten
    yass cat wants treat
    trumpet song but it's a guy's nose
    bringing grades up to ceiling
    christmas venus fly trap
    dinosaur you feel so nice cat
    sand guardian
    dog dances to dub step
    bullying artificial intelligence
    goat yelling hey
    goats in back of car
    guy doesn't want to be part of an anime
    getting crazy for new years
    cup song curse guy screaming
    he doen't deserve you now go cut off his dick
    guy trying to put on a fitted sheet
    ghost ow fuck whos there nobody fuck off
    I heard you were talking shit about me
    baseball nightmare
    are you drinking pepsi for breakfast I'm doing better than you
    donald trump bing bing
    why are there shoes in the refrigerator
    can we smoke in calss
    helium balloons in the car Scottish guys
    moms be like its not the airplane its just da spoon
    black eyed peas DO IT shia lebouf
    goofy wake me up inside
    I taught a robot how to fear student loans
    swing from the chandelier animal deer scream
    wii mii music is lit
    cant find happiness
    guy plays violin when he's sad
    prank and throw egg at guys head
    send my compliments to the chef
    meghan eats all the candy
    we could of had it all duck army
    every man thinks he's entitled to my vagina if im nice to him screaming
    different hello songs saying hello to each other
    forgetting about being chased by a serial killer
    kid disappear under school parachute
    selfie bombed japanese
    rolling out of bed (literally me every morning)
    news reporter is terrified by a large bug becasue of the heat
    death note guy falls of bike and dies
    DO IT vs. NO GOD
    that's gay weve been dating for...
    squeaky rubber duck comes out of guys mouth
    a heart felt ending to this vine

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