• This class is focused on building strength & flexibility in you legs, hips, arms & back. You will build up lots of heat & flow through the asanas that will challenge & eventually lead to complete relaxation by the end of the class. You will feel renewed & refreshed ready to start a new day! See list of Asanas below, Namaste!
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    1. Warm up
    2. Sun Salutations A, B
    3. Standing Forward Fold (Hamstrings)
    4. Chair + Twists (Sine Mobility, Shoulder Stretch)
    5. Wild Thing Pose (Backbend)
    6. Chaturanga Pushups (Arm Strengthening)
    7. Warrior 2 (Leg Strengthening, Hip external Rotation)
    8. Extended Side Angle Stretch (Leg Strengthening, Inner Thigh & Side Body Stretch)
    9. Triangle + Variation (Leg Strengthening, Inner Thigh & Side Body Stretch)
    10. Skandasana + Bind (Inner Thigh Stretch,)
    11. Eka Pada Koundinasana 1 Arm Balance (Core, Upper Body Strength, Balance)
    12. Lizard + Quad stretch (Hip Flexor, Glute, Quad Stretch + Twist)
    15. Child's Pose (Rest , Lower Back Stretch)
    16. Low Lunge + Backbend (Hip Flexor, Glute, Backbend)
    17. Low Lunge Twist (Spinal Rotation)
    18. Reversed Side Angle Stretch (Spinal Rotation, Side Body Stretch, Leg Strengthening, Outer Hip Stretch)
    19. Ardha Matsyendrasana Twist (Spinal Rotation, Outer Hip Stretch)
    20. Pegion (Hip Stretch) + Quad Stretch + Backbend
    21. Vajrasana (Quad Stretch, Lower Back)
    22. Seated Forward Fold (Back, Hamstrings)
    23. Janu Sirsasana (Hamstring, Lower Back)
    24. Butterfly + Variation (Hip External Rotation, Back Stretch)
    25. Seated Hip Stretch
    26. Double Pigeon (Outer Hip)
    27. Happy Baby (Inner Thighs)
    28. Halasana (Back)
    29. Shoulderstand (Upper Back Stretch, Arm Strength, Thyroid Activation)
    30. Shavasana (Rest, Centering)

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