How To Create An Ancestor (Ancestral) Altar

  • An ancestor (ancestral) altar is your first step to making a real connection to the realm of the spirit. Be sure to only put benevolent bloodline ancestors on your altar. Do not place relatives on your altar for whom you have unreconciled differences or did not get along with while they were alive.
    Please make sure that ONLY your bloodline relatives are on your altar. Loved ones who cared for you like adoptive parents or close friends can not be placed on your ancestral altar.
    Also keep in mind that you will not be doing any other "work" on this altar other then honoring your ancestors.
    Ancestral altar is beneficial for many reasons some of which include, but are not limited to the following:
    1. It allows you to make a spiritual-connection with the other-side.
    2. It allows you the opportunity to develop a relationship with spiritual allies.
    3. It confers a certain amount of protection on you by inviting the spirit of loved ones who have passed to be an active part of your life.
    4. It allows you greater access to information in the form of your ancestor’s wisdom and experience, especially if they were a spiritual-practitioner as well or had a special talent or ability.
    5. It prepares you to work with other types of spirits and spirits that are not connected to you by blood.
    Creating an Ancestor (Ancestral) Altar is fairly simple and there is no standard layout for one. Like other altars they will often grow and change in relation to your personal belief-system, your understanding of how to put those beliefs into practice, the items you have and/or can obtain, and sometimes by request of the Ancestors themselves.
    I hope this helps! If you have any questions feel free to connect with me.
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