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    Our Philosophy
    For centuries banks have attracted investment deposits from clients, and have used those funds to create substantial profits for themselves, whilst paying the owners of the funds an almost insulting 'slice of the action'. We intend to change this model by doing two very important things.
    Firstly, we will share our expertise with our clients in a fair way in terms of the way the 'spoils' are shared. No more 'gentlemen's club' style secrecy wrapped in a thick cloak of 'tradition'... all designed to smokescreen the vast profits being made.
    Secondly, we will behave like the banks in every other way. All trades will be analysed for risk, and our business will be run prudently and responsibly in the interests of our clients at all times.
    We believe that in many cases major banking institutions could be keeping as much as 90% of the profits generated by their investment clients! In more than one instance we have seen 2-year bonds pay less than a (pre-tax) 2% p.a. return... with a minimum £100k buy-in! Really? That seems absurd to us... yet these 'fund managers' are sitting on millions of pounds worth of investors' money... and being paid handsomely!
    There has to be a better investment alternative?
    Prepare to Profit
    If the best we could do for our clients was a 2% pre-tax ROI... we would simply cease to offer our services, and learn to do something else. We wouldn't dream of insulting investors in that way... but unfortunately, many banks and funds do.
    Any investment a client makes with us will obliterate a high-street ISA. Our initial offering with any client is to return a 36% annual fixed income against their investment.
    The senior partners at Miller Baird Associates invest their own money along with our clients' in the same trades. We will NEVER invest in an asset with clients' monies without doing the same with our own.
    A viable investment alternative.

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