Wim Hof on Mastering Your Breath, Body, and Mind with Lewis Howes

  • Thank you for Watching this powerful interview with Wim Hof! New Interviews, and Inspirational videos will be posted every Monday and Wednesday! Subscribe to the channel here: goo.gl/9xwmmV n-----nThis is audio podcast number #398 with Wim HofnnMake sure to leave a comment below and share this with your friends!nnwww.wimhofmethod.com/nnShow notes available here:nlewishowes.com/podcast/wim-hof/nnWarning - important message, please read carefully:nThe breathing exercise has a profound effect and should be practiced in the way it is explained. Always do the breathing exercise in a safe environment (e.g. sitting on a couch/floor) and unforced.nNever practice the exercises before or during diving, driving, swimming, taking a bath or in any other environment/place where, should you pass out, a serious injury could occur. Wim Hof breathing may cause tingling sensations and/or lightheadedness. If you’ve fainted, it means that you went to far. Take a step back next time.nThe cold is a powerful force. We strongly advise to gradually build up exposing yourself to the cold. Always train without force and listen to your body carefully. If it is not practiced responsible, there is a risk of hypothermia.nDo not practice the method during pregnancy or when having epilepsy. Persons with cardiovascular health issues, or any other (serious) health conditions, should always consult a medical doctor before starting with the Wim Hof Method.nn-----nYou can follow Lewis at:nWebsite: lewishowes.com/nFacebook: www.facebook.com/lewishowes/nTwitter: twitter.com/LewisHowesnInstagram: www.instagram.com/lewishowes/nSnapChat: snapchat.com/add/Lewis_HowesnnLewis Howes is NY Times Bestselling author, entrepreneur, and former professional Arena League football player. He hosts The School of Greatness, a talk show distributed as a podcast. Learn and hear the stories from various successful people around the world, become inspired, motivated and educated with the SCHOOL OF GREATNESS. lewishowes.com/book

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