- Black Lives Matter (BLM) Pushing Perverted Sexuality on Black Children in Schools

  • This video is a warning to all responsible Black parents to organize and protect your children from the dangerous efforts of Black Lives Matter (BLM) to poison our youth with an affinity towards homophilia (homosexuality and pedophilia) and transgenderism through the public school system.
    BLM is a wealthy, white elite-financed movement created to concentrate Black people's energy on the promotion of sexual immorality over and above Black socio-political self-improvement. It was started by (3) Black feminists, (2) of whom are openly gay and make no effort to include Black men in the dialog surrounding social justice in the BLM Movement.
    This video is incredibly crucial to the socio-sexual health of Black children in the USA. Please share this broadly and widely.
    Straight Black Pride

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