What is a Lifestyle Expert?

  • When I first became an Interior Designer in 2011, and later received my Masters degree from Savannah College of Art & Design. I always thought of myself as more than a designer! I cared for the person who occupied that space just as much as I did the space! After all, the chair is simply just as chair (As Luther Vandross once said) But that same chair brings life as the soul that sits in it brings character to its use. In late 2013, I started my campaign to "Bring Social Home Again!" and last year, combined my professional design services with my desire to help people create a better life. I became a Lifestyle Expert! I never knew that THIS was my purpose! I love beautiful things, but I love helping you make YOUR life beautiful too! I started sharing cooking tips, creative ideas for home, and event settings that reflect the clients who I help. I find it one of my most rewarding moments in life, to see someone enjoy who GOD made them to be! I love what I do, and I love that I have finally found my purpose.
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    because after all. "It's more than Décor,... It's a Lifestyle!"

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