: Ankh Chi Tao

8 months ago

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  • Ankh Chi Tao: [Despite the unconventional usage of the English language, this book carries many timeless stories with a ground-breaking charms of potent poetical blissful connotations on the numerous aspects of humanity on whole. It is one of those becoming rare published item, that future generations will still find an appealing quality to its literary existent. This book took over ten years to be completed; under such a lengthy time span the poetic wording will reflect multiple personality of an artist going through some silent troubled times of his life, yet show managed to retain a fraction of his sanity. The works presented became a turning point for the artist future, whereby Ankh Chi Tao primary focus is about healing, financial healing to aid the physical healing from a cold environment to a warmer zone. While doing so, it shares some amazing insights on many of life's struggles of an International Moor.] www.lulu.com/spotlight/beyelpress BEFORE YOU BURN IT! BUY IT!
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